Descending Besseggen, Jotunheimen, Norway
From Rondane, Norway
Camping in the Dovre mountain area. The mountain Snøhetta behind. Norway
Mountain ridge - part of the Snøhetta mountain. Norway
Panorama vew from Glittertind. Galdhøpiggen is seen to the right of the picture's centre, Hurrungane to the left. Jotunheimen, Norway.
From Rondane, Norway. The mountain Snøheta in the horizon.
Looking down on Gjendesheim, Jotunheimen, Norway
Ferns in a little crevice. Lyseheiane, Rogaland, Norway.
The river Veo. Jotunheimen, norway
Illmanntjørn, Rondane, Norway
The village Sel in Gudbrandsdalen, Norway.
From the top of Glittertind, Jounheimen.
Kjerag, 1000 m over Lysefjorden, in the evening
Snøhetta behind a creeek. Dovre, Norway.
Snøhetta behind a mountain lake.
Ascending Glittertind. Jotunheimen, Norway
Snøhetta behind a cold creeek. Dovre, Norway.
View at sunset to the north. From Snøhetta.
ascending Glittertind. Jotunheimen, Norway
View from Storronde, Rondane, Norway
Mountain farm near Otta. Gudbrandsdalen, Norway.
Sunlit hill in the mountains Rondane, Norway.
Nude french tourist at Preikestolen, Norway
From Kristinartindar, Iceland
Moonlight over Storronden, Rondane Norway.

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