Mellom Grønmo og Rundvann
Ferns in a little crevice. Lyseheiane, Rogaland, Norway.
north west in Langvann, Østmarka, Oslo
cloud after sunset
plant finding condition for life in a small crevice
Frozen leaf
sea splashes high up in fron of the sun
Suset over Oslo
Moltekart / unripe cloudberry. Østmarka, Oslo
ice age sculptured granite
crevice in the rock
Fossen fra Hauktjern v Sarabråten
snow clad stone in the sea
Leaf frozen in the ice
Morning fog over the sea
crevices in the rock
sea plants seen through the water surface
crevice in the rock
rose in the granite
Moon over morning fog
fern bud enrolling
backlit ferns
birch flower
anemone hepatica
Delicate waterfall over a rocky surface
watertrops on autumn leaves in a creek
Midsummer's late sunset
Steinrøys i Jotunheien
Småfossar i Ryfylkeheiane

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