En stille dam i Sølvdoblabekken. Juni -21
Leica M10; Summicron 35; 1/2 sec

Dammen er menneskeverk
bygd av nærliggande steinar
for å avpasse flyten i bekken.
Den føyer seg umerkeleg inn i landsakapet
utan å endre det.
Og òg gjennom tørre tidsrom
speglar den skogen omkring.
Sølvdoblabekken is a small stream in Østmarka with very varying water flow.
Small dams have been built along its course, and here there are still ponds even in dry periods.
Nestled amidst the lush forest, an old man-made pond sits quietly, regulating the flow of the stream. The pond, once created by human hands, now exists as a seamless part of the natural landscape, its boundaries blurred by the surrounding greenery.
Though man-made, the pond blends seamlessly with the natural environment, the rocks and soil that form its walls merging with the surrounding earth. The sound of water trickling over the pond's spillway is a soothing background noise, a constant reminder of the life-giving force that flows through the forest. 
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