Sølvdoblabekken oktober -21
LeicaM10; Summicron 35; 8 sec

Hauststormane felte treet
som nå la seg over bekkeløpet -
og landskapet endra seg.
Med skiftande vêr og årstider
vil det gradvis brytast ned
og gi næring til nytt liv.

One of the trees whose roots no longer found a solid hold during the autumn storms. 
In this protected area, it will be left where it fell and continue its natural process in the ecosystem.

Following the autumn storms, a tree lay fallen across a creek in the forest, its branches tangled and leaves scattered.
The exposed roots and decaying bark provided a visual spectacle as insects busily scurried along, feasting on the newly available food source.
Over time, the tree's natural decay would sustain a thriving ecosystem, serving as a reminder of the cycle of life in the forest during the changing seasons.

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